Do you want to maximise your marketing potential, develop sophisticated market insight and directly control your Wi-Fi service offering? We can help.

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Here at Ctrlroom, we take digital seriously.

That is why we have developed powerful Wi-Fi based business solutions that address the specific needs of the retail, restaurant and event industries – doing so much more than just attracting feet to your store.

Wi-Fire products provide a platform for direct mobile shopper engagement, deep consumer insight, market research tools and increased brand loyalty. Your business will also benefit from reduced marketing costs and enhanced brand awareness. Our Wi-Fire Solution delivers measurable ROI by providing powerful consumer intelligence, as well as optimizing your digital business processes.


We offer 3 distinct services in our Wi-Fire solution:
- ADSL, 3G and satellite based technology for unique connectivity needs
- 24/7/365 technical monitoring, management and support
- Database hosting and administration
- Industry standard security
- A branded network name
- Branded Wi-Fi pages
- Landing page content developed to exact requirements
- Identify just who customers are
- Understand when customers are in store, how long they spend there and how frequently they return
- Understand customers’ interests
- Quarterly business intelligence reporting which gives advice on how to capitalise on business opportunities
- Dedicated client login through Ctrlroom’s Wi-Fire dashboard that allows direct control over the marketing content displayed on the landing pages, the questions asked of customers about the business and generate leads to grow the business' customer base.

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