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What is Usability?

A website that provides a good user experience not only retains visitors but also encourages them to visit again. These engaged visitors are more likely to become paying customers.

We can help you retain your site’s traffic by ensuring that they are engaged as possible, for as long (and as often) as possible.

By investing in an optimized user experience, you stand to make significant returns on investment. After all, a happy user is a returning user.

How do we test Usability?

Usability testing is a process which identifies key areas of your website that can be optimized in order to create an improved overall user experience.

Our key testing procedure is Heuristic Evaluation

A cost-effective way of assessing the quality of your site’s user interface and user experience. Our specialists identify any problems with your website's user experience, which could include the following:

• Overall structure (header, body, footer, and navigation)
• Individual pages
• Checkout process
• Sign up forms and/or Login pages
• General look and feel

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Our team is ready to handle everything from User Interface design (UI design) right through to the A/B testing and site maintenance. Call us to help you convert visitors into paying customers.

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