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Ctrlroom offers comprehensive enterprise mobile application development and communications platforms, which can be completely customised to suit your business needs.

Benefits for engaging with these apps can include (but are definitely not limited to) receiving unique vouchers or discounts, being informed about competitions and joining your loyalty club or mailing list.

Some developers will charge mobile application development separately for different mobile devices – android applications at one price, BlackBerry apps at another and so on. We are proud to say that our app solution is completely device agnostic – our apps are supported by over 3000 handsets, ensuring that your customers can engage regardless of whether they are Android, Apple, BlackBerry or feature phone users.

8 Benefits of our apps
We offer significant savings on both comparable products and development costs.
Our apps ensure that your customers can engage on all Android, Apple, BlackBerry and feature phones.
Our apps are supported by all South African cellular networks and data formats.
Integrate with your back office environment.
All data transfer is secure and encrypted as per industry standards.
Powerful, easy and flexible intuitive use.
Direct or two-way instant personal communication.
Mass communication (multiple countries and mobile device support).

Don’t worry; we won’t leave you in the dark after providing you with your app; in fact, that’s where our collaboration begins properly.

Apart from tech support, we’ll also provide you with on-going analytics and reporting. In this way, you’ll gain business intelligence most of your competitors only dream about.

Are you ready to engage with your customers on a whole new level?

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