The world’s most popular web analytics tool used by over
10 Million marketers and websites.

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Google Analytics is a service offered by Google which provides detailed real time statistics about a website’s traffic.

The service includes traffic sources as well as the measurement of both conversions and sales (in the case of e-Commerce Google analytics).

However, as great as Google Analytics is, the data can be difficult to interpret and untrained users often overlook key points. Our web analytics experts will help you make sense of all the stats with simple reporting tailored to suit your needs.

How can we help?

After we add Google analytics to your website, you’ll start to get fresh insights into how customers interact with your online platform. You’ll also discover which areas of your site need to be optimized to improve your user experience.
This service works impeccably well with Ctrlroom’s social media offerings, as you’ll be able to track how our social platform management is directing traffic to your site.

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