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Ctrlroom would like to congratulate Howard Blake for being recognised as a leading entrepreneur in KwaZulu-Natal!

Howard Blake, a born entrepreneur, started his business with a typewriter in a home office, and visited his first clients on a dilapidated scooter. An attorney by profession, Blake started out in estate administration, and then became a legal advisor before joining a firm of attorneys in KwaZulu-Natal; he left and at the age of 27 launched Blake and Associates from his kitchen.

Today, the business is known as Blake. The Group employs more than 1 200 people, and impacts on the development of the communities, which are in close proximity to our head office in Mount Edgecombe, Durban.

The Ctrlroom team, under the unprecedented leadership of Howard Blake and his Executive Team are keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive. Just take a look at Wi-Fire, our latest solution to all your Wi-Fi requirements!

Howard Blake Guru

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