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Do you speak corporate? Or do you support the fight against corporate jargon?

Ctrlroom’s Corporate Dictionary is expanding by the day – feel free to take a holistic approach and empower yourself, hit the ground running, add a few of your own to complete the lifecycle made up of a cross-pollinated ecosystem and leverage, leverage and leverage some more! Please remember – vanilla is definitely not best practice while code reds need to be dealt with like the low hanging fruit; think outside of the box, the sandbox even, red flag it to get the ducks in a row and keep that eye on the ball, always. You never know when the paradigm shift will cause game changing moments that will reinvent the wheel to enable a win-win situation of bleeding edge, value add.

BTW: Don’t push back; the roadmap is what it is. If you give more than 110% then we will be out of pocket and no longer cutting edge. But know, we cannot always reinvent the wheel and shall simply have to drill down the seagull managers to find at least one core competency and synergise. Did I mention leverage?


  1. Leverage (This is definitely the, wait for it, top dog of all dogs – Forbes put it rather politely: ‘The granddaddy of nouns converted to verbs. ‘Leverage’ is mercilessly used to describe how a situation or environment can be manipulated or controlled. Leverage should remain a noun, as in “to apply leverage,” not as a pseudo-verb, as in “we are leveraging our assets.”  Cast your vote in the Forbes “Jargon Madness” bracket.’)
  2. Cross-pollinate
  3. Vanilla
  4. Sandbox
  5. Holistic approach
  6. Key driver
  7. Core Competency
  8. Low hanging fruit
  9. Empower
  10. Paradigm shift
  11. Talk-to
  12. Game changing
  13. Paradigm shift
  14. Bleeding edge
  15. Ramp up
  16. Code red
  17. Align
  18. Reinventing the wheel
  19. Quick win
  20. Reconceptualise
  21. Best practice
  22. Robust
  23. Level the playing field
  24. Deliverables
  25. Scalable
  26. Think outside the box
  27. Ducks in a row
  28. Ecosystem
  29. Lifecycle
  30. Reverse logistics
  31. Hit the ground running
  32. Escalate
  33. Seagull manager
  34. The full Monty
  35. Value add
  36. Drill down
  37. Eye on the ball
  38. It is what it is
  39. Win-win situation
  40. Push back
  41. Synergise
  42. Giving anything above 100%
  43. Take it to the next level
  44. Out of pocket
  45. Phase approach
  46. Window of opportunity
  47. Reinventing the wheel
  48. Cutting edge
  49. Red flag
  50. Cottoned on
  51. Roadmap
  52. ?

Have you cottoned on yet?

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  1. Paul Grobler says:

    52: can start a dialogue

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